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Your website could be the difference between a full, bustling campground all season, or looking for alternate ways to fill your sites. In this checklist, you’ll learn the vital components of what drive a good website for a campground/RV park, including:


In today’s digital age, a significant number of travelers rely on mobile devices for trip planning. A mobile-friendly design ensures that users have a seamless browsing experience, keeping them engaged and more likely to book a stay.

Online Reservations

Offering online reservations not only streamlines the booking process for guests but also increases the campground’s efficiency, ensuring instant confirmations and reduced administrative tasks.

True Essence Imagery

Genuine and high-quality images provide potential guests with an authentic glimpse into the camping experience awaiting them, building anticipation and trust in the property’s offerings.

Easy Navigation

A user-friendly layout ensures that visitors can effortlessly access information, from amenities to booking details, enhancing user experience and boosting bookings.

Optimized Content

Well-structured and keyword-rich content ensures higher visibility in search engines, drawing more visitors to the website and positioning the campground as a top choice in its category.