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Martrek helps campgrounds and RV park owners transform their digital footprint so that campers can find and book their perfect next trip at (your) park.

The Roasted Marshmallow Theory

Everyone has that picture in their mind when they hear “The Perfect Roasted ‘Mallo”. For some, that’s a golden brown, toasty outside and a gooey inside, ready to slap on the graham. For others, they want it burnt to a crisp ready to fall off the stick. Some even like it barely roasted, just a touch of fire to warm it up before consuming. This is the perfect analogy for the camping enthusiast. There is no one size fits all. And, each campground has amenities and features that are perfect for each of these ‘mallo lovers. You have to make sure they can find you.

Martrek steps in to make sure we help bring your marshmallow story to life, and that you feature all of the best of your campground or RV park so that you naturally bring your campers to your site when they are searching for you.

Our owners founded Martrek Digital with two things in mind: find a way to marry their love for the great outdoors and camping adventures (and marshmallows of course) with their day jobs as digital marketing leaders, and hence, Martrek was born!

Take a look at our services below. We would love to connect and find a way to support you and your campground business so that you can get back to what you do best – creating life-long core memories for individuals and families in the great outdoors.

Campground & RV Park Expertise

Choose a team with your best interest in mind, and who is passionate about camping. We understand your business and your needs.

Proven Marketing Roadmap
for Success

Our team has led shoestring budgets to multi-million dollar campaigns, won national awards, and knows how to get the job done.

Multi-Discipline Expertise in Marketing

We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Each has unique needs, and our diverse skillset can take any client to the next level.

Martrek can help you elevate your digital presence so your campers can find you

Traditional tent camping, cabin camping, elevated “glamping” experiences, and full time living RV Park campers are all searching for your campground in the same way – online. You need to make sure your potential customers can find you and know your services offerings. That’s where Martrek comes in. We will help you work smarter, not harder, to convert those leads into patrons of your park in no time.

Digital Marketing Support

Whether you are a brand new campground or a long-standing family run park, you need a digital marketing plan to reach your current and potential campers. Martrek Digital reviews and assesses your current marketing tactics, and can make recommendations for upgrades, improvements, and strategy including newsletters, transactional messaging like receipts, website look and feel, organic social media, and more.

SEM Assessments

Many campgrounds don’t know much about SEM and SEO. This is where Martrek comes in. A key part of the digital marketing space today is managing your Search Engine Marketing, or SEM. We will help review your current status and provide recommendations to improve traffic to your site, which means more booked campsites.

Local SEO Management

Similar to SEM, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means how easily potential campers and RV park enthusiasts can find you when searching for you on the web. We will make sure you are ranking where your customers can find you, including competitor analysis and any site improvements that are needed to achieve success.

Paid Media Management

Interested in reaching campers or potential RV park bookings that are not in your current database? Then paid media, meaning ads placed on sites around the web including social media platforms, is a good fit to reach customers interested in campgrounds just like yours.

Strategic Content Development

We know a key piece to the puzzle is content. Your future guests want to see and hear about what your campground or RV park is doing and what amenities you have that will make their stay memorable. We will help you bring your story to life.

Campground Reputation Management

In today’s market, a key to your campgrounds success and future success are customer reviews. We ensure the reviews you receive are optimal and identify areas for improvement to ensure you have the reputable brand you strive for.

Need Other Digital
Marketing Services?

Great – we’d love to chat with you to see if there is a way that we can support your campground marketing needs and help you reach your goals. Let’s talk!

We're Passionate About
the Camping Industry

Our team doesn’t just love camping- we have over three decades of experience helping organizations meet and exceed their goals by putting marketing to work when it matters most.

Meet the Martrek Digital Team

Our team doesn’t just love camping and the outdoors! We have over three decades of experience helping organizations meet and exceed their goals through implementing cutting-edge strategies.

Amber Simpson

Head of Strategy

Amber is an avid traveler and loves galavanting around the globe with her favorite travel companions. A life-long camper, from cabins to tents to even living on boats, she is no stranger to campgrounds, sleep away camps, and RV Parks. Since starting her own family, tent camping has become a little less glamorous with kids under five, and her husband and her now own a Keystone Bullet 250BHS Travel trailer that they are having a blast with. 

With over 14 years of Marketing experience, Amber specializes in brand strategy, customer journey and persona development, paid and organic social media, content creation, and digital analytics.

Tom Felgar

head of organic search

Tom is an outdoor enthusiast who hasn’t come across a trailhead or campground he didn’t want to explore. He’s constantly optimizing his 3,400 cubic inch backpack to get the most out of his backpacking adventures. Tom’s family are a big part of his trips, with a goal to take his wife and children camping at a new National Park each year. In fact, Tom spent his honeymoon hiking through Banff National Park, in Canada.

In the workforce, Tom has over a decade of marketing under his belt, leading marketing teams large and small. Tom specializes in using digital tools to get more guests into the campgrounds of our clients.

We've Provided Content to
Help Your Campground Flourish

Looking to get some tips and tricks of the trade, or confused about where to begin? We have provided some key campground marketing insights below to help get you started, and to familiarize yourself with the Martrek team and our expertise.