Halloween and Fall Campground Crowds You Might Be Missing

Halloween Fall Camping for Campground Owners

Hey Hey Campground Owners and Enthusiasts! Back here to talk about my favorite topic – camping and campgrounds. 

As I look around at the leaves 🍂🍂 falling and the decorations going up in my neighborhood, I can’t help but notice my inbox filling up with notices that “this halloween fun activity” is happening here, and the next one is there, and its a lot to choose from at this super awesome time of year. Well, this gets me to keep thinking about what else? Camping. This is a perfect opportunity to have your website up to date and your SEO working for you while you sleep—- a quick google search of campgrounds that are still open in Illinois for Halloween and you should be on your way to Halloween happy town with a loaded campground full of happy Mario and Luigi’s for the weekend… making core memories for life. However, when I test this theory, not much comes up. Make sure this isn’t you – and if it is, don’t fret. Read more to find out about the halloween and fall campground crowds you might be missing. 

In fact, only one small campground popped up even on the first page of Google when I did the search for “halloween camping in Illinois” that wasn’t the big kahuna campground conglomerate in the U.S., and the post was from 2022! What a missed opportunity. Now, I am not naive. I know that most campgrounds in Illinois close the second week of October due to undependable weather, and many do trick or treating earlier in the month because of this. And, I know this, because my family and I have been the last few years. But NONE of these campgrounds showed up on google regardless. We had to the call the campground we went to in order to confirm what was happening that weekend and they gave us paper print outs of the schedule when we arrived, there was no details online. 

How we have found out about these opportunities are twofold: 

  1. 📣 Word of mouth from friends and family, or fellow neighbors at the campground once we get talking, or 
  2. 💬 Social media community groups for camping enthusiasts like ones on Facebook. We are members of many, many camping groups, from ones dedicated to camping in Illinois, to ones for members who own our same type of travel trailer, to ones for new campers, etc.

You get the idea. These are actually the groups we went to first when we were first deciding to purchase a travel trailer, its where we go when booking a long trip, and when we have issues or things that have come up during our experience that we want advice or insight on. These community groups are also free press for campgrounds and RV parks—- which can be a good, and a bad thing. They are hard to monitor and moderate if you don’t have dedicated staff (if you own it) and or if you are not a participant in one’s that are “reviewing” or recommending you. However, they can be your best friend in times like these. 

So, I decided to go here next to search for fall camping/halloween camping in Illinois that was actually still open on Halloween weekend, knowing that finding these diamonds in the rough that stay open and include Halloween- town fun are few and far between. I’m not kidding, it’s been pretty much crickets and let’s be real, Illinois is a big state. Some of these mentioned might be hours away from where you live and not feasible to get to for a quick festive getaway weekend.

I can’t help but wonder—- is it that there really are no options? Or is it that websites are not updated and ready for searching for this type of fun like the one we went to earlier in the month? Are all of these wonderful campgrounds in Illinois missing out on the halloween and fall camping crowds? 


If you are a campground owner and it’s the first: 

  • What better way to get your campground front and center and filled for the best weekend of the year for fall camping!!! And good news for you, you are in the right place for help!


And if you are a campground owner and it’s the latter:

  •  Then, well, you’re in the right place. 

Martrek Digital specializes in campground digital transformation which typically begins with an assessment of your website and can also span your organic (local) social media and paid media strategies to get your campground or rv park front and center when your ideal marshmallow customers are trying to find you. Meaning, don’t be like everyone in this article – learn the tips and tricks to make sure the Halloween and fall camping crowds are NOT being missed. In this case, the first that we might do after our initial assessment would be to get a calendar up on your website with the festivities that you are offering each week during these fall leaf peeper months so that your fall camping enthusiasts snag you first when they are doing their google search (or they are getting advice from fellow campers in a community group). We would then make sure that your keywords on your site have words like “best fall camping in Illinois” or “Halloween camping in Illinois” in my example, so that you popped up front and center when your campers were ready to book. 

Want more tips like these so you can fill your campground up with Halloween and fall camping enthusiasts like me? Contact Martrek Digital or fill out the form on our website to set up a time to chat. We can’t wait to hear from you. 

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