9 Simple Steps to Launch Your Campground Newsletter and Boost Bookings: A Guide for Owners and Staff

Simple steps to launch your campground newsletter

Greetings, campground and RV park owners and staff!  Today, we’re sharing some beginner-friendly advice on starting a newsletter to engage your current and prospective campers, keeping them informed and eager to book their next outdoor adventure at your location.

Creating a newsletter is an excellent way to grow your email contact list, increase awareness of your campground or RV park, and turn first-time visitors into loyal customers. So, gather your team and follow these 9 simple steps to launch your campground newsletter.

  • Choose your newsletter platform: Step #1
    Select from a range of email marketing platforms, such as some of our favorite tools with a free option if you don’t already have a system in place like Mailchimp, Mailer Lite, and Constant Contact. Based on your budget and requirements, most platforms offer free or low-cost plans suitable for campgrounds and RV parks new to newsletters.


  • Craft your sign-up form: Step #2
    Design an attractive, user-friendly sign-up form for your website and social media pages. Ensure it’s mobile-friendly, as many potential guests may browse on their smartphones. Keep the form simple, initially requesting only an email address and name. A lot of the email marketing tools offer forms as options, even in their free versions, so consider this when selecting your platform so you don’t have to find another place to build it.


  • Offer an incentive: Step #3
    Encourage sign-ups by offering exclusive discounts, early booking access, or entry into a giveaway. This small investment can yield significant returns in increased bookings and a growing email list. However, make sure that you can deliver on this (and do deliver on it) after they sign up. There are also many larger discount programs that you could join that campers get points or money back towards like GoodSam, ThousandTrails, Campspot and more.


  • Design your newsletter template: Step #4
    Create a visually appealing, on-brand newsletter that reflects your campground’s unique personality. Many email marketing platforms provide customizable templates, making it simple to design a professional-looking newsletter. These are simple enough for basic beginnings but also have upgraded automation tools like landing pages and work flows as you get more experience and need more options. A great place to start, where you can find some inspiration and examples is reallygoodemails.com.


  • Plan your content: Step #5
    Consider including the following content ideas below. Your aim is to deliver valuable, engaging content that maintains subscribers’ excitement about your campground or RV park.

    1. Upcoming events and activities
    2. Featured campsites or amenities
    3. Seasonal camping tips and tricks
    4. Camper testimonials
    5. Local attractions highlight


  • Set a schedule: Step #6
    Consistency is vital when sending newsletters. Choose a frequency that works for your team, whether it’s weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Adhere to your schedule, and subscribers will anticipate and appreciate your updates. We recommend when just starting out, to go with monthly. Then, if this seems manageable, consider ramping up to more frequently, especially during peak camping season when more campers are looking for booking locations and planning trips.


  • Promote your newsletter: Step #7
    Publicize your newsletter on your website, social media channels, and even printed materials at your campground or RV park. Encourage current guests to sign up and share the newsletter with their networks.


  • Measure your success: Step #8
    Monitor your newsletter’s open rates, click-through rates, and other metrics to gauge which content connects with your subscribers. Use this data to refine and enhance your newsletter strategy over time. Keep in mind, since recent privacy changes were made to Apple, and soon to be Google/Android devices, open rates are no longer data points you should heavily focus on. Instead, look at engagement activities like click through and click to open rates, as well as bounce rates to better determine email success.


  • Keep it fun and engaging: Step #9
    Lastly, maintain a light, enjoyable tone in your newsletter. Camping is about fun and relaxation, and your newsletter should capture the excitement of the great outdoors.

Now that you have the knowledge, it’s time to embark on your campground newsletter journey! With some effort and creativity, you’ll soon see growth in your email contact list, a boost in bookings, and the development of lasting relationships with your campers.

Happy trails, and rememberMartrek Digital is always here to support you in elevating your digital presence!

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